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Ukrainian artillery shows up, and it’s rockin’

by Enochadmin
Ukrainian gunners hearth artillery weapons throughout a army drill in 2017.

One other day, one other “operational pause” as Russian forces stay principally lifeless within the water, starved of all of the provides essential to wage battle. There’s some motion within the Donbas axis in Japanese Ukraine, but it surely’s principally selecting on the edges: a small village right here, one other one there. Russia nonetheless hasn’t proven the power to interact in large-scale offensives. The truth is, it appears an increasing number of doubtless that Russia by no means meant to need to do any actual fighting

“The army operation is, no query, harder going than had been anticipated,” stated Sergei Markov, a pro-Kremlin commentator who seems often on state tv. “It was anticipated that 30 to 50 p.c of the Ukrainian Armed Forces would change over to Russia’s aspect. Nobody is switching over.”

Russia can be greeted as liberators! And identical to in Donbas, Russia might then put that half of the Ukrainian military, that was supposedly defecting, to work attacking the opposite half. No motive for Russians to die, once they have puppets close by for his or her meat grinder. 

However the lack of motion on the bottom doesn’t imply there’s no battle. On the Russian aspect, battle crimes add up by the hour, as these sick bastards targeted a theater filled with refugees and youngsters—regardless of precise outdoors messages to Russia about who was inside. 

There was nothing round that theater price focusing on, this was a direct strike at a constructing marked with “Kids” indicators. 

Alternatively, for the primary time all battle, we’re seeing Ukrainian artillery being put to make use of, and the outcomes are superb. 


Here’s on-the-ground footage of the Kherson assault as a Russian officer surveys what will be saved as they retreat from the airport. Ultimately rely, 14 helicopters had been confirmed destroyed on this and a earlier assault. Right here’s some hi-res satellite imagery of the harm. Observe that Russia claims management of all of Kherson Oblast, and the airport is 64 kilometers (40 miles) from the Ukrainian-held metropolis of Mikolaiv. 

Extra Ukrainian artillery assaults herehere, here, here and at this provide depot close to Kharkiv:


1000’s of business drones are within the air in Ukraine, with civilians monitoring Russian troop actions and reporting them to Ukrainian army excessive command. That is a type of reported civilian drones, and what you see is normal artillery process: 

  • (0:04) Two rounds land, normal neighborhood, however don’t hit something. They’re not meant to hit something. These are spotter rounds, designed to dial in vary, wind, and all of the issues that may impression the place an artillery spherical lands. One used to wish artillery spotters in sight of the goal, calling in the results of these preliminary focusing on rounds and making changes, however the drone takes care of that now.
  • (0:22) A second cluster is fired. It misses all the pieces. However now they’ve two factors on their grid, which is all they should dial all the pieces in.
  • (0:44) The order to “hearth for impact” goes out, which implies unload. And these rounds strike true (although you see some duds hit the outskirts), not simply within the heart of this provide depot, however on some further pockets of automobiles on its extremities. 

If you happen to’re questioning why the Russians packed all these vehicles conveniently collectively, who the heck is aware of. It does enable for a smaller safety perimeter, however for those who’re deep in conquered territory and also you’re nonetheless anxious about floor assaults … then you definitely don’t actually occupy that territory. They usually didn’t even trouble to camouflage! Right here is my M577 command and management car once I was within the Military: 

You possibly can see the nostril of my M577 and its tracks backside left. 

That camo netting was a ache to arrange and take down each time we moved to a brand new place, but it surely helped conceal us from the sky. I checked to verify this was nonetheless normal working process lately, and of course it is. That provide depot had loads of area for the vehicles to hide themselves within the woods, and strategically strung camo netting would make them even more durable to see, however the Russians simply don’t care! They’re uncovered, out within the open, no effort at concealment, and bunched up. Folks hold saying “Russia will study and regulate,” however THEY ARE NOT! Russia is fortunate that Ukraine has restricted artillery capabilities, or that total place would’ve been a smoldering wreck. 

But “restricted” is greater than “nonexistent,” which is what we noticed early within the battle. So the place did all this new artillery functionality come from? Good query, and nobody is aware of. Maybe it’s new tools quietly delivered by allies. Or maybe Ukraine had some severe army functionality held in reserve in western Ukraine, with the expectation that the japanese aspect would fall rapidly and devolve to guerrilla warfare. It will make sense to fortify out west to protect Ukrainian statehood. 

However with Russia stalled and current forces in a position to successfully maintain floor, even in cities proper on the Russian border, it could now make sense to deploy a few of that firepower and enhance Russia’s ache. There have been an increasing number of reviews of Ukrainian counterattacks, although none have retaken main territory. These new artillery barrages could very effectively presage larger Ukrainian strikes. Or no less than, that’s what I hope they’re presaging. As a result of with Russia out of provides and caught within the mud, Ukraine might break them with one large offensive, assuming they’ve the reserve firepower to take action.

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