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‘The Vietnam War 1956–75’ Book Review: Complexities Condensed

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Andrew Wiest is the founding director of the Dale Middle for the Research of Warfare and Society on the College of Southern Mississippi. These credentials go well with him properly for the daunting process of summarizing the USA’ struggle in Indochina in “The Vietnam Warfare 1956-75.”  

He begins in 1956 because the U.S. took upon itself the perceived Chilly Warfare obligation of containing the unfold of communism in a area of Southeast Asia the place colonial ruler France was withdrawing after its defeat by an rebel military. Wiest presents some convincing proof for counting the Vietnam Warfare as “one of the vital conflicts of the 20th century,” attributable to its postwar results on Vietnam, the USA, Laos, Cambodia and Australia. 

A part of Osprey’s “Important Histories” sequence, “The Vietnam Warfare 1956-75” is a revised and up to date model of the creator’s 2002 guide. Wiest does his finest to cram the occasions and altering fortunes of a posh battle into 144 pages, though aviators would possibly really feel that the air struggle obtained comparatively quick shrift.  

The Vietnam Warfare 1956-75

by Andrew Wiest, Osprey, June 6, 2014

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The up to date guide contains references to some associated present occasions, such because the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, however there lies a slight drawback. In his introduction, Wiest states: “The struggle didn’t escalate into a 3rd world struggle and, if considered as solely part of the Chilly Warfare, one can see a US victory in Vietnam with the eventual fall of the Soviet Union.”  

Nonetheless, that ignores the Soviet Union’s unsuccessful try at establishing an ally in Afghanistan, which weakened the united states in a fashion just like the Vietnam Warfare’s psychological impact on the Individuals.  

Furthermore, occasions have hurtled onward because the guide’s updating so as to add the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan on Aug. 15, 2021, as a comparability with America’s expertise in Vietnam. On the finish of a 20-year Afghan struggle, an much more technologically highly effective U.S. had been worn down by the identical refusal to give up that humbled the Soviet invaders, and once more there was a failure to ascertain a sound-self-supporting authorities and navy. Stripped of its Chilly Warfare context, the similarities within the Afghan expertise for each the USA and USSR recommend that the teachings of the Vietnam Warfare might not have been discovered in spite of everything.

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