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The First and Only Carbine That Used Rubber Cartridges

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A spot named Buttermilk Falls doesn’t sound prefer it needs to be related to a lethal firearm, however that New York city was the house of Gilbert Smith, inventor of a .50-caliber breechloading carbine he patented in 1857 that bears his title.

In 1860, the Washington Arsenal Ordnance Board examined the carbine and was impressed with its ease of loading and accuracy, recommending “it’s adopted….”

Many Northern troopers favored the Smith. The tenth New York Cavalry, for instance gave it excessive marks for its sturdiness and ease of use. However others complained that the exterior spring that held the breech closed was generally made from inferior metallic, and will break and render the gun ineffective.

In 1860, Raleigh Colston, then a Virginia Navy Institute professor who would change into a brigadier normal within the Accomplice Military, examined the gun for his college and located that after 60 photographs the Smith “clogged up in order that it might now not be labored.”

Regardless of its flaws, greater than 30,000 Smith carbines had been issued in the course of the warfare, and it was the fourth most generally used carbine within the Union arsenal.

A portion of Gilbert Smith’s June 23, 1857, patent drawing for his breechloading carbine. It’s fascinating to notice that whereas the U.S. Military was very conservative when it got here to arming squaddies, offering the overwhelming majority of the rank and file with single-shot muzzle loaders, the alternative was true for the mounted arm. A number of kinds of breechloaders, and even some repeaters, had been issued out to Federal cavalry regiments.
Union cavalryman with Smith carbine
A Union cavalryman together with his Smith Carbine snapped into his sling, and at full cock. Although the weapon was a breechloader it nonetheless used a percussion cap for ignition. The spark from a snapped cap handed via a gap within the base of the cartridge to ignite the powder cost. You possibly can simply make out that gap, the darkish spot within the heart of the bottom, in the best cartridge beneath.
Smith carbine cartridges
Smith additionally patented cartridges made from exhausting rubber, just like the excavated instance from Virginia, left, for his carbine. The rubber helped stop fuel blowback, however casings grew to become sticky and exhausting to extract when the gun acquired sizzling. In December 1863, a brand new model of the cartridge developed by Thomas Poultney of Poultney & Trimble was issued that used a brass case wrapped in paper, proper, which helped seal the breech.
Smith carbine
The Smith Carbine is mild and straightforward to deal with at 39 inches lengthy and seven ½ kilos. The wood forestock helped mounted males keep a grip on the gun after the barrel had heated up from firing. Early fashions of the Smith used a conventional sling like these discovered on shoulder arms, however that proved impractical. Most Smiths, due to this fact, had been made with a hoop to connect to the standard-issue cavalry carbine sling.

Pop! Pop! Watch a Smith Carbine hearth. 
See our demonstration of an authentic Smith Carbine being loaded with .50-caliber bullets and fired at a goal.

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