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‘The Facemaker’ by Lindsey Fitzharris

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With high-explosive artillery and sweeping machine gun fireplace, World Warfare I modified the face of fight. It additionally destroyed the faces of tens of hundreds of troopers. A visionary surgeon, Dr. Harold Gillies of New Zealand, sought to restore that harm with a revolution in reconstructive surgical strategies.

Lindsey Fitzharris’ The Facemaker examines the medical care and compassion rendered by a person broadly thought of the daddy of contemporary cosmetic surgery. Gillies and a global group of surgeons labored tirelessly throughout World Warfare I to supply males who had shattered—and even lacking—faces with facsimiles on which society wouldn’t flip its again. Within the course of he restored his sufferers’ emotional well-being and self-worth.

The technological improvements that made World Warfare I so lethal additionally triggered horrible wounds. Whereas legs and arms could possibly be changed, harm to the pinnacle was brutal. “Wounds to the face could possibly be particularly traumatic,” Fitzharris writes. “Noses had been blown off, jaws had been shattered, tongues had been torn out and eyeballs had been dislodged. In some instances whole faces had been obliterated.”

Repairing such destruction was past the scope of medical science on the time. By painstaking efforts over numerous surgical procedures Gillies developed new methods to repair smashed faces and assist horribly disfigured males obtain some semblance of normalcy of their shattered lives. The progressive surgeon and his group labored—typically across the clock—to revive faces with then-untried strategies nonetheless in use in the present day. They discovered new methods to revive bone, regrow appendages, realign tooth and transplant tissue. Gillies grew to become professional at harvesting cartilage and tendons from different components of the physique to make use of within the facial reconstruction of numerous males. 

There may be little doubt Gillies was a technical wizard with cosmetic surgery (plastic within the previous sense of being pliable). Accompanying before-and-after images of troopers he restored bear witness to that. He was greater than only a gifted surgeon, nevertheless. Gillies was a compassionate and caring physician who really wished to heal damaged souls. His efforts helped a lot of his sufferers return to their family members and life on the whole with an intact sense of self.

Towards the shut of her excellently researched and written e-book Fitzharris quotes a type of Gillies helped: “I can always remember your fantastic kindness to me and all that you’ve completed to make my life value residing. I’m trying so effectively that persons are starting to not consider it once I inform them I used to be practically burnt to dying 11 years in the past.”

The Facemaker

A Visionary Surgeon’s Battle to Mend the Disfigured Troopers of World Warfare I

By Lindsey Fitzharris, Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2022

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This evaluation appeared within the Winter 2023 subject of Navy Historical past journal.

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