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The Best Articles of 2022

by Enochadmin

We’ve put collectively our annual choice of a few of our favorite articles from the previous twelve months, wherein the Rosetta Stone is deciphered, disgrace is inflicted upon the condemned, and criminals are subjected to vigilante justice.

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Californian miners, c.1852. Courtesy of The Nelson- Atkins Museum of Artwork, Kansas Metropolis, Missouri.

Good as Gold

Andrea McDowell
The absence of formal authorities on the American frontier emboldened miners to take powers often reserved to the state, subjecting criminals to their very own model of vigilante justice.

The Unique Rock Star

Campbell Worth
200 years on from the deciphering of probably the most well-known piece of rock on the planet, what does studying the Rosetta Stone reveal?

The Homicide of Hintsa

Matthew Blackman
The dying and mutilation of the chief of the Xhosa in 1835 by the hands of the British was a ‘barbarous’ deed, hid by the perpetrators in an online of lies.

Execution on the Wheel, by Jacques Callot, 1633. BTEU/RKMLGE/Alamy
The Massive Miseries of Warfare: Execution on the Wheel, by Jacques Callot, 1633. BTEU/RKMLGE/Alamy.

Violent Ends

Una McIlvenna
Early fashionable strategies of execution have been fastidiously calculated to inflict disgrace upon the condemned.

Charity Begins at House

Sarah Clever
The ‘emigration’ of 1000’s of poor London kids within the nineteenth century was seen by its organisers as an act of Christian deliverance, however the expertise of the younger folks despatched to Canada tells a unique story.

‘The Vote is of the Individuals’

Courtney J. Campbell
Brazilian democracy is younger, hard-won and below risk. Because the nation goes to the polls, its historical past reminds us that the fitting to vote will not be a given.

Robert Ritter, head of the Racial Hygiene and Demographic Biology Research Unit of Nazi Germany’s Criminal Police, conducting an interview with a Romani woman, 1936 © Galerie Bilderwelt/Hulton Getty Images.
Robert Ritter, head of the Racial Hygiene and Demographic Biology Analysis Unit of Nazi Germany’s Legal Police, conducting an interview with a Romani girl, 1936 © Galerie Bilderwelt/Hulton Getty Photographs. 

The Roma Holocaust

Celia Donert
Europe’s Roma have been the victims of Nazi genocide in the course of the Second World Warfare, however their persecution didn’t finish in 1945.

On the Poll

Peter Keeling
Earlier than the key poll, voting in Britain was a theatrical, violent and public affair. The Act that made democracy personal turns 150 this 12 months.  

Elizabeth Stuart, later Queen of Bohemia, after Michiel van Mierevelt, c.1615 © akg-images.
Elizabeth Stuart, later Queen of Bohemia, after Michiel van Mierevelt, c.1615 © akg-images.

The Different Elizabeth

Nadine Akkerman
Emulating her godmother, Elizabeth I, Elizabeth Stuart captured hearts and minds as Europe burned.

The Unusual Demise of Liberal Egypt

Hazem Kandil
For many Egyptians the nation’s independence got here with the revolution of July 1952, not with the tip of the British protectorate in February 1922. But, because the experiences of three patriotic writers present, independence didn’t imply freedom.

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