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Nazis Built an Escape-Proof Castle. Allied POWs Got Out More Than 30 Times.

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From the silver to the small display, Colditz Fort through the Second World Battle has captured audiences within the West for over 75 years. Tales of ingenuity (the Colditz Cock, anybody?), bravery and swashbuckling officers with completely maintained mustaches taking part in a cat and mouse recreation with Nazis all whereas being held in captivity is price its weight in Hollywood gold.

Such tales have been firmly mined by historians and screenwriters alike. Or have they?

Creator Ben Macintyre not too long ago spoke with HistoryNet concerning the infamous jail camp, and the way, in spite of everything these years and numerous retellings, there’s nonetheless a lot to unearth.

You may have usually written these extremely distinctive tales about these larger-than-life characters — who’ve been, most of the time, misplaced to historical past. What specifically drew you to the POWs at Colditz? 

Colditz is essentially the most symbolic, well-known, infamous wartime jail camp in historical past — it’s buried in our nationwide mythology. It’s completely central to it. I grew up watching the black-and-white TV sequence about Colditz. I grew up taking part in the board recreation of Colditz.  

And so together with that type of heavy symbolism comes numerous mythology. There’s a very clear legend related to Colditz. To type of to simplify it, it’s the legend of courageous Brits with mustaches, profitable the conflict otherwise by defying the German captors and digging their means out to freedom. Now, after all, there was numerous that — there was an amazing quantity of bravery and resilience and numerous unimaginable escape makes an attempt. However what I discovered fascinating about Colditz is that it’s a type of, it’s an odd, synthetic, enclosed world that takes place in the midst of conflict. 

These are all prisoners who had been captured, most of them proper initially of the conflict. And what you get is that this type of an odd, febrile, very odd environment, the place completely different individuals behave in several methods. You discover that a few of them are extremely powerful and resolute, and others behave in several methods. What at all times fascinates me is how extraordinary completely different individuals reply to circumstances, notably in wars that aren’t of their making.  

I simply wished to revisit that story actually, as a result of, like plenty of wartime tales, what has come right down to us is usually quite simplified. The historical past of the Second World Battle is usually, I believe, introduced as nearly an ethical fable. There’s a superb aspect and a foul aspect, there are winners and losers, and the individuals who win it are on the precise aspect of righteousness. And naturally, that’s true to an incredible extent, however inside that there’s additionally a way more attention-grabbing and shifting and poignant set of tales to be instructed. 

Prisoners of the Fort: An Epic Story of Survival and Escape from Colditz, the Nazis’ Fortress Jail

by Ben Macintyre, Crown Publishing, September 13, 2022

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What had been the dynamics inside Colditz like among the many prisoners? Was there actually a distinction amongst British and American POWs? 

A part of the parable is that Colditz was a really homogenous place the place everybody labored collectively to realize the one goal of defying the Nazis and getting out. The reality is it was riven with division.  

There have been divisions by nationality, clearly between the Germans and the Allies, however inside the Allies, you may have the Poles, you may have the French, Dutch, Belgians, you may have Individuals, you may have the British, and so they all had barely other ways of dealing with this world that they had been in. And one of many methods was an intense rivalry between the nations.  

There have been divisions of sophistication. The Brits specifically are obsessed — nonetheless are — with the entire thought of sophistication. Class was type of imported into Colditz wholesale. These had been officers, most of them. However they’d orderlies to take care of them. And people servants had been additionally prisoners, however they had been privates. There have been extraordinary troopers who weren’t allowed to flee, so that you had a type of a rare social cleavage, should you like, operating straight down the center of Colditz.  

Fairly shockingly, I found that the French prisoners, the French officers, had demanded that the Jews within the camp be eliminated to a unique half. They didn’t need to share barracks with French Jewish prisoners. On the time, after all, the Germans noticed this as an enormous propaganda alternative and leapt at it. 

One other one of many tales that I discovered really wonderful was a few British officer who was Indian. He was a medic, a educated surgeon, and he suffered essentially the most horrible racism in Colditz, however not from the Germans. It was the opposite white prisoners who handled him as a second-class citizen. He was instructed that he wasn’t allowed to flee as a result of his pores and skin colour would imply that he was going to get caught, which could have been true, but it surely was nonetheless a profoundly racist factor to say. But he escaped. And his escape is completely astonishing. He walked 700 miles throughout Nazi-occupied Europe into Switzerland. His story has by no means been instructed as a result of, in reality, he was the “mistaken” colour.  

I believe there are a lot of parts of the Colditz story which have been suppressed, actually. We’ve got a unique strategy to the world lately from the way in which it was written up instantly after the conflict. I hope that yields a unique, and maybe extra sympathetic, means of what occurs once you lock up 500 individuals for 5 years. 

Are you able to communicate extra about a number of the lesser-known figures which can be no much less outstanding? 

By some means, each the society on the time and the historical past that was written afterwards didn’t take into account them worthy of inclusion in the primary story. There are girls within the Colditz story. It was a jail camp for male officers and but there are two girls who performed a completely essential function within the historical past of Colditz. One was a middle-aged Scotswoman named Jane Walker who ran the escape networks out of Poland. Her cowl was being a Polish housewife, however she was really an MI6 officer. The prisoners who did handle to get out of Colditz went straight for her. She was very important. 

The opposite one was a really younger dental assistant, imagine it or not, within the village in Colditz, who contrived, amazingly, to have a love affair with one of many characters contained in the jail. It turned out that she herself was a dedicated anti-Nazi resistance operative within the city, and she or he ended up passing intelligence data to the prisoners inside, which was then despatched again in coded letters. She has by no means appeared on this story. She does now. 

Germany’s “escape-proof” POW camp, Colditz was, in reality, fairly escapable. There have been some ingenious makes an attempt made by British and American officers. Are there any that stand out to you? The Colditz Cock glider, for instance? 

Oh, it was actual. It was constructed. I imply, this was an precise glider that was constructed within the attic of Colditz. It concerned 600 completely different items of wooden, material made off the bed mattresses and a steering mechanism. The thought was that they’d, as an emergency measure, catapult off the roof. There was to be a runway constructed on the apex of the longest roof after which they’d use a weight full of concrete, which they might use as a counterweight to drop it off the tip to actually fling this factor into the air over the Mulde River. Now, it by no means flew but it surely undoubtedly existed.  

A reproduction of the Cock Glider within the attic of the Colditz Fort. (Peter Endig/Image Alliance/Getty Pictures)

I believe it was a means of holding themselves from going a bit mad in the direction of the tip, however there have been these different unimaginable escapes. That was partly as a result of the Germans of their knowledge had determined to place all essentially the most tough prisoners, all of the prisoners from different jail camps that had already tried to flee, they determined to place them in a single place within the perception that should you put all of the unhealthy boys in a single in a single classroom, in some way, you’ll be capable to hold management. As everyone knows, should you put all of the naughty boys in a single room, they’re egging one another on and really quickly your classroom is on fireplace. So it really turned out to be very counterproductive.  

And whereas this huge Gothic citadel on a hill is extraordinary and appears impregnable, it’s really stuffed with holes. Colditz was riddled with underground passages and secret compartments. One of many extra clever German officers did say, “, it’s most likely the worst place we may have chosen to try to hold 500 extraordinarily tough, escape-prone prisoners.” And so proper from the phrase “go” there was a battle on between the escapees and the guards to see to see who would come out on prime. 

Whereas it wasn’t implicit, each British and American officers felt that it was their responsibility to flee. Nonetheless, had been there any cases of males deciding to easily wait out the conflict as a POW? 

Greater than you’d suppose. Whereas there have been loads of escapers at Colditz, there have been loads of individuals who understandably determined that, notably because the conflict moved in the direction of its bloody climax, that it wasn’t price it. Attempting to get out of this jail was a really fast solution to find yourself with a bullet in your head in an unmarked grave.  

In case you had been an officer and also you escaped from Colditz, most likely the worst that may occur to you’d be to be introduced again and put in solitary confinement for a couple of weeks. However because the conflict moved on and it grew to become bloodier and extra brutal, the SS started to take management over the jail camp system. Many, many individuals inside determined that the hazard of escape was merely an excessive amount of.  

That stated, there was at all times a hardened core who by no means gave up who believed that it was their absolute responsibility to maintain going. They had been actually in a reasonably small minority by the tip of it.  

The primary enemy in Colditz was boredom. We think about tales of conflict lively and motion and colour. That’s not true of a jail camp. So, in a means the battle they had been preventing was usually a psychological battle to remain alert, to remain sane. Some misplaced that battle. It’s part of Colditz life that’s seldom mentioned, however there was a excessive incidence of psychological sickness and breakdown, self-harm and suicide. It wasn’t a jolly recreation for everyone. For many individuals it was a horrible traumatic expertise that they by no means recovered from. 

Is there one thing concerning the POW expertise that lends itself to some of these narratives? 

I believe there may be. In locations like Colditz it does ask a quite important query in an odd means. It asks, or a minimum of I hope this guide asks, the query of “What would you do?” How would you, as a reader, have responded to it? Which one in all these characters would you may have been? It’s clearly a query none of us can actually reply, but it surely’s an imaginative factor that I believe in style historical past — if it really works — does very, very properly is to attempt to place you within the place of these few. And I believe that’s why these narratives have such a grip on us.  

We’d prefer to think about that each one of us would have that indomitable spirit to maintain going, however would we now have? And a number of the those who I really like most on this story are the least well-known. They’re the modest ones who type of did hold going however by no means pretended it was enjoyable, by no means pretended that this was a jolly recreation. They simply type of caught at it with a sure grim British humor. The Individuals had been the identical. There have been some extraordinary American prisoners in Colditz in the direction of the tip who actually offered such an ethical increase that they grew to become nearly mascots of the place. 

So, I believe that a few of these “lesser characters” are usually not lesser characters, actually. They’re simply characters which have been hidden maybe behind a brightness of the celebrities additionally got here out of Colditz. 

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