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History Repeats Itself in Ukraine

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In 1941, when the German battle machine rolled into Soviet Ukraine, teenager Fania Rosenfeld fled for her life as Nazi occupation forces and homegrown collaborators focused her and fellow Jews with execution, imprisonment, compelled labor and different atrocities. A determined Rosenfeld turned to her Gentile buddy Maria Blyshchik, whose household hid Fania of their residence through the occupation. Most of Rosenfeld’s family was killed through the battle. Among the many survivors, Fania relocated to Israel, the place she married and raised a household.

This spring Rosenfeld’s granddaughter, Sharon Bass, returned the wartime favor, opening her residence in Israel to refugees Lesia Orshoko and Alona Chugai, granddaughters of Blyshchik who fled Ukraine within the wake of the 2022 Russian invasion. Historical past continues to echo in latest headlines. 

Ukraine was a bitter battleground in World Conflict II, first because the Nazis invaded after which because the Soviets fought again. Then as now, loyalties have been divided, some Ukrainians collaborating with the Nazis to combat the Russians and vice versa. Even as we speak Ukraine’s Azov Battalion counts neo-Nazis amongst its ranks and makes use of a variation of the Wolfsangel (“wolf’s hook”) insignia worn by Waffen-SS invaders eight a long time in the past.

Because the 1991 dissolution of the Soviet Union, Russia has had designs on Ukraine. The nations first went to battle in 2014 as Russian forces allied with separatists within the Donbas area and annexed Crimea. When battle broke out once more this 12 months, volunteers from different nations joined the combat, calling to thoughts international intervention through the 1936–39 Spanish Civil Conflict. As tensions deepened this spring, officers in Kyiv dismantled a Soviet-era monument symbolizing Russian-Ukrainian friendship. As up to now, the battle has been hardest on civilians. Practically 6 million Ukrainians have fled the combating, making a refugee disaster not seen in Europe since World Conflict II.


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