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Death of a Master Forger

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‘An inquiry into the genuineness of the manuscript corrections in Mr. J. Payne Collier’s annotated Shakspere, folio, 1632: and of sure Shaksperian paperwork likewise printed by Mr. Collier’, by N.E.S.A. Hamilton, 1860. Particular Collections, College of Delaware Library. 

John Payne Collier: three phrases positive to sit back the guts of any early trendy English literary scholar. Why? As a result of Collier was that the majority attention-grabbing of phenomena: a superb scholar who was additionally a first-class fraud. 

Other than together with deliberate fictions and falsehoods in printed data of archival materials, he additionally launched forgeries into the archives themselves, faking official paperwork, including info to letters and diaries, falsifying registers and inventories and extra.

Whereas connoisseurs of Collier’s forgeries can actually disagree about which has been essentially the most damaging, nobody can argue in regards to the extent of those impostures. The so-called Perkins Folio, by which he handed off his personal emendations to Shakespeare because the work of a close to up to date, incorporates over 20,000 corrections. Collier lived an extended life and was immensely prolific; his bibliography runs to just about 300 pages.

To paraphrase Dryden on Ben Jonson, Collier’s footprints are in every single place within the snow of the English Renaissance. (A recent, much less kindly, known as him ‘the nice literary slug … What surprise if we will nonetheless be capable of hint his slime.’)

With hindsight, it’s straightforward to see how brazen he was. ‘This a part of the work will at the least have the benefit of novelty and originality’, he writes of the 34 ballads of his personal invention he introduced as Elizabethan survivals in his 1848-49 editions of Extracts from the Registers of the Stationers Firm. He couldn’t assist editorialising in regards to the high quality of his work: ‘The allegory is extraordinarily properly sustained, and the ballad will need to have been written by no inferior hand. It might be useless now to aim to establish the authorship.’

However who’s to say Collier hasn’t had the final chortle? His ballads made their method into anthologies of people music and out into the world. His legacy, as a result of it’s so contested, is the topic of way more ongoing scholarship than that of his rivals. The authoritative account of his work as each a critic and forger, printed in 2004, runs to 1,483 pages. So many footprints. A lot snow.

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