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British Soldiers Put on a Drag Show in WWII. Then the Nazis Showed Up

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They shall combat on the seashores, they shall combat on the touchdown grounds, they shall combat within the fields… and in drag.

It was Christmastime in 1940 when photographer John Topham snapped a set of cheeky images of the Royal Artillery Coastal Defence Battery at Shornemead Fort, Kent — dressed head to toe in ladies’s clothes — in preparation for a vacation charity efficiency.

Throughout Topham’s time with the troops, a coastal alert went off, leaving the troops to scramble to their battle stations whereas nonetheless in full drag to confront the approaching Luftwaffe bombers.

A caption accompanying the pictures, from certainly one of Topham’s many scrapbooks, reads: “They had been in the course of a rehearsal when an Alert sounded. ‘Jerry’, like Time, waits for nobody so the rehearsal was known as off whereas contact was made with the battery.”

So the troopers frantically scurried up the steps to their motion stations to confront the Nazi menace, their attire flapping within the wind behind them, and commenced to man a BL 6-inch MK VII naval gun — all whereas the photographer snapped away.

The pictures had been promptly banned from being printed.

There’s an extended historical past of inventive expression in militaries: For millennia, awaiting troopers have creatively saved boredom at bay, from Roman troopers drawing phallic symbols into Hadrian’s Wall, to zingers by bored Greek troopers who inscribed rock projectiles with inscriptions comparable to “Chunk it in useless” (the traditional equal of “this can be a onerous nut to crack”). 

 However there’s additionally an extended historical past of suppression.

In keeping with The Telegraph, Topham’s images despatched the British Ministry of Data right into a tizzy, fearing that “these explicit photos may undermine morale by giving the impression that British troopers weren’t fairly as manly as the general public would possibly need.”

Additionally they feared that the Nazis would have a propaganda area day ought to the images leak.

It wasn’t till 2018 that the pictures had been rediscovered and, because of social media, the pictures have been making the rounds ever since:

As a result of there’s nothing like capturing down Nazis in drag… on Christmas.

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