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A Well-Intentioned Attempt to Avert War

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As the results of a number of restrictions imposed by the Treaty of Versailles after World Battle I, Germany’s financial system suffered through the Nineteen Twenties and ’30s, creating resentment amongst German residents and fertile floor for the rise of Nazism. Properly conscious of the huge toll one other warfare would wreak upon society, three perceptive Englishmen—Ernest Tennant, Philip Conwell-Evans and Grahame Christie—sought to avert one other world warfare by the formation of the unique Anglo-German Fellowship (AGF) and its German sister group, the Deutsch-Englische Gesellschaft (DEG). AGF’s intent was to develop civilized friendships and political and financial connections with German leaders, together with Nazi Get together members corresponding to Hermann Göring, Joachim von Ribbentrop, Rudolf Hess and even Adolf Hitler.

In Espresso With Hitler Spicer depicts the efforts of Tennant, Conwell-Evans and Christie to type an efficient alliance with key German leaders, regardless of ever-increasing proof of Nazi treachery and a British authorities firmly entrenched in an appeasement mindset. Spicer additionally describes how AGF connections quietly gathered worthwhile intelligence from Germany’s resistance leaders earlier than World Battle II, fastidiously noting the AGF was not a pro-Nazi group, however reasonably a well-meaning, pro-Germany group. As well as, Spicer reveals the eventual deterioration of the Anglo-German relationship and the way Nazi leaders’ ambitions and obsession with Lebensraum (“residing area”) led to the inevitable outbreak of warfare.

Espresso With Hitler is an insightful and detailed examination of a well-intentioned try and avert warfare. It additionally clearly demonstrates the hazards of failing to shortly heed intelligence studies to make political selections and using inexperienced political favorites to hold out overseas coverage initiatives.

Espresso With Hitler

The Story of the Novice Spies Who Tried to Civilze the Nazis
By Charles Spicer, Pegasus Books, 2022

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This assessment appeared within the Winter 2023 situation of Army Historical past journal.

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